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I'm an Iowa farm girl at heart and very proud of that; in fact I couldn't imagine a better way to be raised. I love a good beer, greasy burgers and hole in the wall restaurants. I love fall days, country music, dancing and time spent with friends and family. I care deeply about relationships and people's hearts. I pray that what I can capture for you truly is a gift to you and yours.  

Recently I was struck and kept coming back to the word BEHOLD and what it meant.  I found a definition that stopped me in my tracks; "to gaze upon."  I have had the privilege of viewing life behind a lens and there are moments that literally stop me in my tracks and/or bring me to tears.  Seeing parents marvel at their newest addition,  watching a couple still show affection for each other after 25+ years of marriage or witnessing the aging parent whose children recognize these pictures could represent a final milestone.  From the greatest joys to the deepest sorrows this gig has given me a front row seat to the cycle of life and your willingness to let me be there is an incredible privilege.  Thank you to all those who put your trust in me.  I am humbled and honored.

And if we haven't met yet-I look forward to meeting you and capturing life's special moments with you.

hi, I'm tasha

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